2014 annual Fundraising dinner

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Laura's greeting and acknowledgment

Welcome to our annual fund raiser crab dinner! Thank you for being here! This week is the 33rd anniversary of CNG/PH. It’s hard to believe we’ve been around this long!

This last year had a few financial challenges, but we met them, and we did ok. We had a very successful Clairvoyant 2 program which ended in December, plus through June we’re renting part of the downstairs to a kindergarten two days a week. The Steps 1, 2, and 3 classes are growing, which is really good.

We are still looking for ways to increase financial stability both short term and long term. We are confident that we will be able to do this, as all of us have a lot of certainty, capability and faith!

We’ve set the energy for this year at gratefulness, whether for something specific or just an energy level to be at. I want to express my gratitude to all of you here, and some of you who aren’t here, for contributing to the financial well-being of the school, especially now. We thank you.

We have very capable people that come here, and people who are willing to grow and to face tough issues in their lives. They’re also people who want to get in touch with themselves, the god of their own heart, and to heal themselves and others. Those of us who teach here are very lucky to be around those people.

We still work with the core principles we began with. We have done revisions on how we teach, and how much we teach in each class, but the core principles are still here: integrating spirit with body, real self communication, understanding how energy works, getting your own information, learning to be present, making separations from pictures and people in order to own and be who you are now, and compassion for self and others. We’ve seen many folks apply these principles to heal themselves and others.

We have a great staff, and wonderful teachers-in-training, all of whom also grow constantly; we couldn’t teach what we’re not doing. They have accomplished a lot and apply what they have learned for the students and graduates here. They are fabulous teachers. Will the staff that is here please stand up so that you can be recognized.

You are all here because you have contributed to the financial well being of Psychic Horizons, as well as to the energy level here. Your support is one of the things that has allowed us to be here all these years, so all of you are a part of what we are creating, and we are most appreciative and grateful. You can also help us mock up a fabulous 2014.

Tonight is about celebrating, and having a good time with and appreciating each other. Please be sure to introduce yourself to people you don’t know. Tonight is also about enjoying some of the benefits of having a body. In this case, really good food. Rev. Tom Rippy is the chef tonight, so after the dinner please be ready to give him lots of validation. Let us join hands and give thanks.

Blessing for Dinner
Let us say hello to the presence of God among us, and acknowledge God’s presence within each one of us here tonight.

Let us be aware of and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives --
- our relationships in all their various forms
- our health
- our ability to be happy
- our ability to grow and heal
- our ability to be own who we are
- our decision to be in our body at this time and place, with all its opportunities
- our ability to recognize are true selves
- for the food and company tonight

Let us live with consciousness and an attitude of gratefulness. Let us allow ourselves to receive our blessings





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