Our Purpose

  • To teach practical and powerful life transformation meditation tools that empower individuals
  • Teach the tools that create the life envisioned, and remove what’s limiting a person's ability to have that life
  • Make meditation simple and down to earth
  • Make meditation effective, with observable results
  • Strengthen spirit/body communication
  • Teach indviduals to understand the relationship between their energy and their circumstances

We do this by teaching:

  1. Practical and integrated tools
    Students become able to clearly see and understand:
    • How each tool helps reach stated objectives or solve a specific problem
    • Where, how, and when each tool can be incorporated into daily life, and what benefit it will bring
    • How the tools build on and complete each other
  2. Easy to learn tools
    Students are able to:
    • Learn the tools in less than 15 minutes
    • Memorize the tools after practicing them once or twice
  3. Easy to use tools
    Students become able to:
    • Use the tools on the spot, in any situation
    • Use the tools as easily in daily life as the classroom
    • Confidently adapt the tools to suit individual needs, and experience the same results
  4. Tools which bring results quickly
    Students are able to:
    • Experience results the first time they use the tools – during the first session or class


A school for meditation and healing

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