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Annual fundraiser

I want to thank each and every one of you for your donations last year; your donations make a huge difference for Psychic Horizons.

All of us can come together for our own personal and spiritual growth and healing, as well as for the growth and healing we create as a group. This helps all of us shift with greater strength and wisdom.

A tax deductible opportunity

To the right you will find various donation options. Please pick what works for you; or just donate what you can with any option at all. We love to have regular monthly tithes.

We are grateful in advance for your support and generosity. Your donations affect not only yourself but other people who may be friends, acquaintances or strangers to you. All of us can be more in touch with ourselves and our own information in these times of great change and upheaval.

Encourage friends or acquaintances to also give, as they will enjoy a tax deduction for the end of the year, plus give to an organization that is creating healing and change in people’s lives. You are a wonderful example.

You have a great opportunity to foster personal growth, healing and groundedness, experience the benefits of giving, and participate in the financial well being of Psychic Horizons.

Please send in your donation as soon as possible.

As you give, it will be given to you!

Thank you! Much love and blessings,

Rev. Laura Hopper, Director


A school for meditation and healing

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