Step 3 workshops & Courses

Every session we offer topic specific 2-hour workshops and 7-week focus courses on new topics to our students who have completed the Step 3 course. These workshops and courses provide the following benefits:

  • Community
  • Keeps skills fresh
  • Builds confidence in your ability to get your own information
  • Daily meditations — a chance to use what you know on an individual basis, and have staff and group support
  • Expands usage of skills by focusing on specific topics of interest

1-day workshop (for Step 2 Graduates and above)

$70 Full payment with PayPal

Stand-Up Healing Exchange Party
As a teacher I’ve noticed that students love doing stand-up healings on each other. In fact, once many students get over their initial shyness, they want to do them for a much longer period of time than has been given.
In this workshop we will begin with a meditation, do healing exchanges, and then make separations. A good time will be had by all!

Sunday • Jul 09 • 10:30am - 12:30pm
Rev. Michelle Comeau

7-week course

$310 Full payment with PayPal

Growing Younger Every Day
Are you looking to experience more energy, vitality and creative possibility in your life?
By changing your habits of thought and action, you can change the experience of your body and your aging process.
We will help you to define your habitual thoughts and actions, and the impact they are having in your life. This class will emphasize increasing awareness of those habitual thought patterns, and acting to embody new choices. Carpe diem!

Wednesdays • Jul 12 to Aug 23 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Rev. Deborah Blackburn


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