Graduate Workshops & Courses

Every session we offer topic specific 2-hour workshops and 7-week focus courses on new topics, offering our Clairvoyant graduates the following benefits:

  • Community
  • Keeping skills fresh
  • Building confidence
  • Expanding usage of skills by using them on specific topics of interest

It should be noted that our Clairvoyant Graduate workshops and courses are using much more advanced meditation and healing techniques and these graduates operate at a much deeper level in their skills.

1-day workshop

$70 Full payment with PayPal

From Ideas to Physical Reality
In this workshop we will look at how you bring your ideas into physical form and when you don’t. With patience, perseverance, procrastination, or doubt? How do you relate emotionally to the creative process from the original idea to the outcome? We will explore these issues to simplify your process.

Thursday • May 04 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm (clean-out 1/2 hour early)
Rev. Rev. Philippe Jestin

7-Week Course

$310 Full payment with PayPal

Unconditional Seniority
Seniority is not a trivial thing but it is a great goal to work for. There are those who deliberately upset people around them in order to stay in control. What if you were not “upset-able”?
What if your personal nemesis threw energy at you and it bounced off your aura like water off a ducks back? That is unconditional seniority.
What if politics goes crazy and you don’t get triggered or angry?
That is unconditional seniority.
Is there a person in your life who seems to have the key to all your ‘buttons’? Those ‘buttons’ hold the key to your seniority.
We will practice staying senior with those people and situations that light you up most and develop new strategies for unconditional seniority so that you can stay inspired and connected to your “highest gold” no matter what.

Wednesdays • May 10 to Jun 21 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm (clean-out 1/2 hour early)
Rev. Judy Tergis,

More Workshops and Courses

Step 3 Graduate Workshops and Courses
Graduates of the Clairvoyant Program are welcome to enroll in activities with lower pre-requisites.


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