Graduate Workshops & Courses

Every session we offer topic specific 2-hour workshops and 7-week focus courses on new topics, offering our Clairvoyant graduates the following benefits:

  • Community
  • Keeping skills fresh
  • Building confidence
  • Expanding usage of skills by using them on specific topics of interest

It should be noted that our Clairvoyant Graduate workshops and courses are using much more advanced meditation and healing techniques and these graduates operate at a much deeper level in their skills.

1-Day Online Workshop

$75 Full payment with PayPal

Prayer Changes Those Who Pray

Prayer is a transformative act, for in connecting with the Divine, we are changed within.
In this workshop, we will look at how you define your space for the practice of prayer, the experience of prayer in your life, and the energy of selected prayers from four religious traditions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Come join us in getting closer to practicing prayerfully in your life!

Tuesday • Oct 24 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm (clean-out 1/2 hour early)
Rev. Deb Blackburn

7-Week Course

$310 Full payment with PayPal

Love and Resentments
We all want love but often what stands in the way is our resentments. They can be healed but they do fight back. After all, look at what they did to me!
Resentment sits on invalidation. It is a wound of judgment from self and from others that forms a scab of resentment to keep your attention focused outward, away from the shame of not ever being enough.
Yet love lights up invalidation. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? In this class, we will get information about the source of the resentment and how to heal those old wounds. We will also look at how to recognize love even when it lit up an old invalidation, and resolving the underlying dichotomy that has kept us confused.

Tuesdays • Nov 07 to Dec 19 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm (clean-out 1/2 hour early)
Rev. Judy Tergis

More Workshops and Courses

Step 3 Graduate Workshops and Courses
Graduates of the Clairvoyant Program are welcome to enroll in activities with lower pre-requisites.


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