Graduate Workshops & Courses

Every session we offer topic specific 2-hour workshops and 7-week focus courses on new topics, offering our Clairvoyant graduates the following benefits:

  • Community
  • Keeping skills fresh
  • Building confidence
  • Expanding usage of skills by using them on specific topics of interest

It should be noted that our Clairvoyant Graduate workshops and courses are using much more advanced meditation and healing techniques and these graduates operate at a much deeper level in their skills.

1-day workshop

$70 Full payment with PayPal

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Let’s get grounded. A fundamental component of your energetic space often goes untouched or unnoticed. We wonder why we feel spaced out or disconnected, why work or relationships lose their interest. Grounding yourself is key!
We will look at the energy of our ever changing planet and say hello to getting connected to the center of it all. Feel solid, feel strong, feel grounded in your body.

Tuesday • Jun 27 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm (clean-out 1/2 hour early)
Rev. Tom Connelly

7-Week Course

$310 Full payment with PayPal

Trance Mediumship Explored: Owning your Crown Chakra
Of all our psychic abilities, trance mediumship is the one that leaves us all with questions. In this class we’ll look at owning our crown chakras as a path to freedom.
We’ll look at whether or not you are a trance medium, who *is* owning your crown chakra, any family programming about trance mediumship, your creativity and trance mediumship, and any energies that get in the way of you owning your crown! We’ll separate from old agreements, heal old programming, and bring our understanding of this ability into present time.

Fridays • Jul 14 to Aug 25 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm (clean-out 1/2 hour early)
Rev. Bruce van Horn

More Workshops and Courses

Step 3 Graduate Workshops and Courses
Graduates of the Clairvoyant Program are welcome to enroll in activities with lower pre-requisites.


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