Foundation Classes

Psychic Horizons offers a practical and integrated approach to meditation, healing and personal transformation.

The foundation classes are organized to teach a comprehensive suite of meditation tools that can be used individually and together. The tools are based on five basic premises.


  1. You can separate yourself from all the influences around you
  2. You are a spirit in your body
  3. You create your life according to how you perceive yourself
  4. When you become more aware of how you are creating your life, you can make new choices
  5. The key to taking charge of our lives is to understand how we create


We have developed the program over three foundation Step courses that build on each other. Each Step course is seven weeks long, meeting once a week, and is offered at convenient times through out the week. New sessions start every two months. After the three initial foundation classes, we offer a variety of ways to enhance and explore your personal growth.

Step 1: Energy creates your life

Step 2: Relationships and boundaries

Step 3: Shape your life

Classes are held onsite in San Francisco, and remotely via telephone, making it easy to participate from anywhere in the world.

Free introduction to meditation class

See for yourself how meditation can work for you. Come to a free introductory class, held every Tuesday at 7:30pm.


A school for meditation and healing

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