Step 1: Energy creates life

You can replace the unwanted mental images that you have used to create your life, with images and energies that will create the life you want now.

Through this process, you will learn to bring yourself and the way you are living more into the present - this will have tremendous positive impact on your daily life.

It will give you more control over how you feel, the choices you make, and the relationships you develop. It will allow you to manifest things that are in tune with what you want.

Benefits of Step 1

  • Grounding
    • Increase your focus, productivity and effi ciency
    • Communicate more clearly and confi dently
    • Experience fewer accidents, keep track of details
  • Centering
    • See more clearly; know that you have multiple choices
    • Gain clarity about yourself, relationships, and events
    • Manage stress, pain, anxiety and break habits
  • Energetic boundaries
    • Feel more in charge and less anxious
    • Feel less crowded and confused
    • Be less affected by those around you
  • Running energy, a meditation practice
    • Energizes, enlivens, and rejuvenates
    • Access your own information, increase creativity
    • Removes blocks and tensions, calms and relaxes
  • Aura & Chakras
    • Consciously create boundaries
    • Let go of the unwanted effects of people’s infl uences
    • Make more of your own energy available to you
  • De-energizing pictures
    • Release the emotional charge on memories
    • Let go of social expectations that do not serve you
    • Think outside of the box; redefi ne, recreate, reinvent

7-Week course includes

  • Weekly 2-hour class
  • Monday night clinics
  • Pre-class healings
  • 2-hour reading
  • First class of Step 2
  • Step 1 Review Class (when available)

Learning these tools is a great foundation for a lifetime of benefits.

And now you're ready for the next step – Step 2.


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