Step 3: energy in real life

Why take Step 3?

  • 2 Universal Healing Energies
  • Appropriate levels of Responsibility
  • Release of Resistance
  • Permission and Havingness
  • Long-distance Healings
  • Integration of your energy system
  • Discovery of energetic patterns in your life
  • Healing with your meditation insights

7-Week course includes

  • Weekly 2-hour class
  • Monday night clinics
  • Energy Check
  • Step 3 Grad Events
  • Step 3 Review Class (when available)

Special Workshop for Step 2 Graduates

$70 Full payment with PayPal

Stand-Up Healing Exchange Party
As a teacher I’ve noticed that students love doing stand-up healings on each other. In fact, once many students get over their initial shyness, they want to do them for a much longer period of time than has been given. In this workshop we will begin with a meditation, do healing exchanges, and then make separations. A good time will be had by all!

Sunday • Jul 09 • 10:30am - 12:30pm
Rev. Michelle Comeau


A school for meditation and healing

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