Church of Natural Grace

Church is a combination of meditation, spoken word, music and song, open to anyone and all.

Church services

Our church service is a special time for reflection, inspiration and healing, furthering our individual communication with the God of our Heart. The Church held its first service in July 1981. That congregation marked a new commitment level in the teaching of Spirit/Body development, communication and healing. The church services have become a special time to be with our friends in song, meditation and prayer. We have found that this is our church to create and not the church we may have resisted or avoided in childhood. We enjoy the healing and wonder of this coming together.


We, the Church, believe that we are of God and that we are whole unto ourselves. We affirm our Being and understand that we as Spirit manifest through our flesh as unique creators.

To understand and to manifest our inherent freedom is to affirm and accept life. It is through inner communication that we discover awareness. Through the attainment of true communication we set ourselves free.

The Bible states, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto thee;” and, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” This is our perspective.

We believe in the everlasting present, the wonders of permission, continual understanding and ever-growing compassion.

Prayers and intentions

We invite you to ask for prayer. You may ask for prayer for any issue in your life, or any issue affecting your life. We will pray for you or that circumstance, and that healing will be sent to you.

Our prayers will be grounded in the faith that God is within you and within all of us, and that the prayer will touch that God-energy and give you greater permission to know that it is there. We affirm that the presence of God is at work in you in every area of your life and provides you the resources for your own particular way of healing, recovery and rebuilding.

You may make a donation if you would like.

Minister’s license & membership

Psychic Horizons is the seminary for the Church of Natural Grace. When you graduate from the clairvoyant training program of Psychic Horizons, you become a member of the Church as well as a licensed minister.

In order to keep your minister’s license current, you must continue to be a member of the Church. Your annual membership renewal automatically renews your minister’s license.

You can also become a member of the Church without graduating from the clairvoyant program. Anyone is welcome to become a member of the Church.


Baptism ceremonies are performed as needed at the Church. If you would like to be baptized, let us know and it will be scheduled at one of the church services. In order to be baptized, you need to be a member of the Church.

The Church of Natural Grace baptism ceremony is about renewal and rebirth, and about being in the present so that you can be in clear communication with your God. It is a wonderful experience both for the person being baptized as well as for those experiencing your baptism with you.

The workings and benefits of tithing

The Church of Natural Grace is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are grateful for the support of our students and volunteers. Tithing is another opportunity to support the work we do. Learn more about it by clicking here.


A school for meditation and healing

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