Online media

Please enjoy these free video and audio clips which introduce our meditation tools and methods to you. If you are interested in further study consider attending our foundation classes.

One-minute meditation

Daily meditation does not need take hours or seem difficult. These simple one-minute audio clips walk you through our most fundamental meditation technique, showing you how easy integrating meditation into your daily life can be.

Introduction to meditation video classes

Tap into that spiritual power within you through meditation. Use energetic tools to lead, heal and create all aspects of your life.

Meditation guide and workbook

See why worrying creates what you don't want so effectively, and with such consistency. Learn what you need to do to create the life you want.

Order your full workbook for FREE!

View a sample of our "Create What You Want" Meditation Guide and Workbook. Call (415) 643-8800 or email to request your full edition.


A school for meditation and healing

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